Helpful Hints

A/C and Lavatory Stoppages

Most lavatory stoppages are from cold water algae building up in the drain line from the A/C taking the humidity out of the air as the house is cooled off. On a hot day this water runs out of the unit into the drain. Pour bleach down the 3/4" tee opening coming out of the unit. If no tee, locate were the 3/4" drain line ties into the 1 1/2" pipe coming off a ptrap. If you don't have access to this line, call us and we can install a tee for you so you can preform preventive maintenance. I used to recommend 1 cup but as cheap as bleach is I recommend 1/2 bottle.

Garbage Disposals 
Proper way to use a disposal. Turn cold water on full force, turn disposal on and feed food gradually to avoid jamming. Turn disposal off and let water run another 30 seconds. If a smell comes from within the chamber, use a flashlight and see if any object is inside that has soured. Then try grinding up ice cubes to help clean the grinding sides of the chamber. Some customers ask will ice sharpen disposal blades. The answer is no, ice does not sharpen metal. Also try placing the stopper in the sink and mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with a full sink of water. Turn the disposal on and remove the stopper to flush through disposal. Stores also sell a packet called Disposer Care. Avoid grinding up celery, artichokes, cornhusks and whiskers on shrimp heads. Baked cheese, egg shells, turkey skin, pasta and potato skins are common culprits of a stoppage and should not be put down the drain. Don't pour grease or large amounts of fat into the disposal. If disposal hums, turn off. Check to see if disposal has a slot (Insinkator models) under the bottom in the center that accepts an allen wrench. Turn wrench back and forth to try and free up the turntable. If disposal will not come on and does not hum. Be sure disposal is off at wall switch and push in the reset button under the bottom of the disposal.

If dishwasher will not come on. Check to see if your home has a wall outlet switch and be sure it is on. Glasses come out spotted. Try pouring in 1/4 cup of white vinegar before washing dishes. 

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The smaller the gauge number the thicker the metal, this helps cut down on the noise of the garbage disposal running and water hitting the bottom of the sink from the faucet running. Also if it has tar or a rubber sheet or some kind of cushion under the sink helps reduce sound. Sinks also goes by finish such as a nickle finish. The best of the best is Elkay. To clean stainless try cutting a lemon in half and wipe around sink. When finished throw into garbage disposal. Turn disposal on for a few seconds with no water to grind up for more lemon smell.

If you notice slow draining problems this could be a solution for you. Moderately clogged drains can sometimes be fixed without the use of liquid plumbing products by using some household cooking staples. Try pouring a half-cup of baking soda down the clogged drain followed by a half-cup of vinegar. It’s all right if you see foam start to come back up the drain. That simply means the solution is working as it should. Let the clogged drain and solution sit for about three hours. With a little luck, your water may be flowing freely once again. If not, it may be time to call GJ's Plumbing at 281-376-1880. Once every three or four months, fill every sink and tub in the house with water. With the help of family members, simultaneously pull all of the drain stoppers up and flush all the toilets in the house. This large volume of water will help flush out your drain and sewer line especially if your lines are flat and has no fall to them.