Water Main Replacement

Residential and commercial buildings are connected to the municipal water supply via a water main. If the water main is leaking, due to age, root damage, or other causes, you face the risk of expensive structural or property damage.

Depending on the layout and slope of your property, seeping water could result in significant damage to your foundation. It can also cause soil to erode and wash away, destroying landscaping, damaging gardens and lawns or undermining outbuildings, carports, or driveways. In a worst case scenario, you could face a combination of these problems, a hefty bill for the water main replacement or repair and water shooting out of your front yard! Further, Even a small, slow leak is costing you money and likely to lead to bigger plumbing problems down the road. If you have a major water main leak, you are going to know pretty quickly, but a small problem can go undetected for some time. It’s always a good idea to know where your water supply line is and monitor it regularly, to catch any small problems before they become big headaches.


Here are some common signs you have a problem with your water main:  A decrease in water pressure throughout your home; Unusual ponding or seepage of water on your property; Higher than normal water consumption reading on your water meter. If you are not sure whether or not you have a water main leak, there’s a simple way to find out. Give us a call and we will explain the procedure to you.


Who is responsible for fixing water main leaks?
We are frequently asked where the line of responsibility is drawn between the homeowner’s property and the municipal water main serving the property. As a general rule, the water main piping from the municipality’s distribution system (up to and including the shut-off valve to your property) is the property and responsibility of the municipality to repair or replace. The piping that ties into the municipal valve and extends under your property and into your home is the homeowner’s responsibility.