Water Repiping

As buildings age, so does the plumbing. With age, water pipes usually need to be replaced due to corrosion, leaks, bad-tasting water, low water pressure and rusty water; this is particularly true with older galvanized pipes.

Galvanized pipes are prone to corrosion. In fact, after a couple of decades, these pipes can eventually become completely filled from corrosion, impeding or halting water flow. To maintain water flow, it is usually best to replace galvanized pipes with new state of the art Uponor AquaPEX piping, a cross-linked polyethylene product that is durable, corrosion-resistant and freeze-resistant.

At GJ's Plumbing we use AQUAPEX for all our re-piping projects. AQUAPEX is a pex product that virually eliminates problems with leaky fittings, disintergrating pipes and corroision. AQUAPEX is a safe and reliable system that has been used in modern construction for the past 25 years.


Contact GJ's Plumbing for quality repiping. Whether you need to re-pipe a bathroom, kitchen, horizontal piping or horizontal and vertical piping. We can help get your water flowing safety.